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Locksmithing emergencies can ruin your entire day and leave you feeling insecure and worrying about the safety of your loved ones and yourself. Old locks, rusted parts, incorrect or abusive usage can all represent locksmithing emergencies by themselves or generate a larger and more complex security problem if not addressed properly and at the right moment.

Minor incidents, such as losing 1 home or office key, create larger consequences and require instant and professional intervention to eliminate risks and restore your property’s or space security. Do not allow such incidents to dictate the rest of your day – call a professional team and watch as your locksmithing emergency becomes history.

Locksmith - Frequently asked questions

How long does an emergency locksmith take?

Our locksmiths can be with you within 30 - 45 minutes guaranteeing that you don't have to wait hours to get help just to get inside your own home.

How long will he take?

This is a particularly loaded question as it does depend on your lock. In 90% of situations the locksmith will have you in your property within 15 minutes.

Will my lock need to be changed?

Again this depends on your lock. Most locks can be opened without damaging, however should the locksmith need to drill the lock he will always have suitable replacements on hand.

How much does it cost?

This does vary depending on time of day, time of year and if the lock is damaged in any way. The locksmith should always let you know before he proceeds with the work.
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